Welcome to the Masquerade FAQ page. Please check here early and often for the most updated answers to frequently asked questions regarding our event.

Will tickets purchased/won for the previously scheduled Ballroom Blitz and Masquerade dates be honored?

Is this an all ages show?

Will re-entry be allowed?

Is a vaccination card needed for the event?
No. If COVID mandates and protocols are still being enforced, we plan to have a rapid on site testing booth as well as offer shots to those that need to be vaccinated as courtesies to our attendees.

Will masks be required?
We will monitor and enforce all government mandates regarding COVID 19.

Can we bring in outside beverages or food?
Outside food and/or beverages are not permitted. We will have numerous selections from on site concessions.

Can I upgrade my tickets prior to the event or on the day of the show?
We will allow upgrading for the difference in price as long as tickets for the level upgrade are still available and not sold out.

Tickets for BLE events purchased prior to August 1 2021 per our company guidelines are not eligible for refunds as we only refund canceled events as we did with our Tantric show. Going forward we will allow the ability to purchase ticket insurance for future events. Those who purchase the insurance will be eligible for a refund if the event is canceled AND/OR rescheduled. Furthermore, we are working diligently to ensure that for future events we are thoroughly protected from all mandates and regulations regarding COVID 19. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support during this difficult time. Health and wellness to all and we will commence when safe to do so. Until then, it’s time to create and build.