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Who We Are

At BLE we stand for the supporters of live entertainment and the artists who dedicate their most intimate thoughts and times to those who appreciate their craft. We believe in the integrity of expression through music. We are a customer service driven company founded for the purpose of making a difference in the live entertainment industry and providing unique experiences for our attendees and artists alike. 

What We Do

BLE (Brad Lee Entertainment LLC) is an entertainment based and customer service oriented company . Our primary focus is developing artists while branding and building a strong foundation for their brand while keep the supporters as the primary priority.  “BLE” also encompasses a live entertainment division which hosts and consults for concerts, special engagements and events

Why We Do It

BLE has a different approach primarily due to the fact that our mission statement is quite broad. We are simply here to create a more inviting environment through building business relationships and ensuring that those working with our company and those who support our company have a platform to enjoy live music . Our hope is to assist in making the industry that we are passionate about continue a path of longevity . Our goal is to set the bar with class and integrity and provide a positive atmosphere while conducting business in the music industry.